St. Anthony of Padua Parish practices the spirituality of stewardship and encourages all members to do the same. We share our time, talent and treasure with God and with one another. We urge all members of the parish to become involved in some aspect of our ministry. The first and most basic aspect of belonging to St. Anthony’s and the Roman Catholic Church is participating at the Sunday Mass. If you can do nothing else, if you can contribute nothing else, please join us in praising God. The God who gives us so much yet asks for so little in return. “Could you not watch one hour with me?” (Matthew 26:40)

As you have read on the previous pages, there are numerous ways to get involved. So please share of your time and talents. We urge everyone to share in the privilege of supporting the work of witnessing to the Gospel and teaching the Roman Catholic faith through their financial contributions. All members should contribute a minimum of 2% of their annual income to the parish in order for all to have an equal share in the ministry. This tithe supports our many ministries and will help insure our future. Thank you for interest. Thank you for your generosity.