October Calendar Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

October 1st – Mary Keenan

 October 2nd – Jill Maze

October 3rd- Jeremy Graves

October 4th – Diane Clagg

October 5th – Cheryl Miller

October 6th – Diane Austin

October 7th – Lynly Laurenti

October 8th – J. Vasquez

October 9th – Eric Curry

October 10th – Lamarae Lusane

October 11th – Marilyn Muskiewicz

October 12th – Kim Kuhn

October 13th – Monica Austin

October 14th – Kim Catanzarite

October 15th – Amanda Vidovich

October 16th – Laurie Bowling

October 17th – Sandy York

October 18th – Mike Sanchez

October 19th – Julie Aviles

October 20th – Terri Morgan

October 21st – Kristine Bilecky

October 22nd – Amanda Reed

October 23rd – Amanda Vidovich

October 24th – Dineen Stack

October 25th – Kristi Jones

October 26th – Greg Markus

October 27th – Teri Burich

October 28th – Michelle Radanovich

October 29th – Bill Kesterke

October 30th – Michell Xie

October 31st – Phillip Wallencheck


Thank you for purchasing a raffle calendar and supporting St. Anthony of Padua School!