November Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

November 1st -Beth Barror

November 2nd – Jen Kesterke

November 3rd – Barb Sawyer

November 4th – Pat Triplett

November 5th – Tiphaney Grossestreuer

November 6th – Bill Kesterke

November 7th -Virgina Alston

November 8th – Denise Rakich

November 9th -Carmen Kopis

November 10th – Denise Williams

November 11th – Julie Grimm

November 12th – Ed Shelton

November 13th -Dustin Poore

November 14th – EJ Coor

November 15th – Diana Sirb

November 16th – Antionette Reyes

November 17th -Alex Awad

November 18th -Lisa Wilson

November 19th – Erik Villar

November 20th – Dr. Ihor Danko

November 21st – Eddie Hannibal

November 22nd – Jody Forst

November 23rd – John Burns

November 24th – Betty Fenelon

November 25th – Becki Obrien

November 26th – Karen Lear

November 27th – Sidney Huff

November 28th – Debbie Wehler

November 29th – Robert Bates

November 30th – Way Family

Thank you for purchasing a raffle ticket and supporting St. Anthony of Padua School!