May Calendar Winners

Thank you to everyone that purchased from our spring calendar raffle fundraiser to support St. Anthony of Padua Parish School. We will draw a winner everyday in May to win a cash prize.

Congratulations to our winners!

May 1st – Tina Rankin

 May 2nd – Millie Torres

May 3rd – David Laschen

May 4th – Tim Price

May 5th – Barb Putman

May 6th – Amber Bublik

May 7th – Dash Sokol

May 8th – William Kesterke III

May 9th – Houston Burgraff

May 10th – Barb Sawyer

May 11th – Michael Saber

May 12th – Emma White

May 13th – Carol Paulin

May 14th – Millie Torres

May 15th – Michael Haskins

May 16th – Daniel Gater

May 17th – Kelly & Judy Engle

May 18th -Joe Cain

May 19th – Nicole Zientarski

May 20th – Tom Jacops

May 21st – Nicollette Clifford

May 22nd – Evelyn Collazo

May 23rd – Betty Jones

May 24th – Linda Heck

May 25th – Rebecca Zienius

May 26th – Cindi Manning

May 27th – Nichole Velez

May 28th – Jenny Carroll

May 29th -Jenny Pogorelc

May 30th – Natalie Brooks

May 31st – Kim Platt

Thank you for your support!