May Calendar Winners

Congratulations to our winners!

May 1st – Tom Wolfent

May 2nd – Evelyn Collazo

May 3rd – Shawn Danegan

May 4th – Gail Smiley

May 5th – Chriss Pogorelc

May 6th – Scott Stewart

May 7th – Belva Dillon

May 8th – Holly Chenail

May 9th – Monica Tomaszewski

May 10th – Bob Sultzbaugh

May 11th – Christian Collazo

May 12th – Noel Cardona

May 13th – Carly Fowkes

May 14th – Brandy Woodrum

May 15th – Omar Perez

May 16th – Annie Peskiris

May 17th – Tom Benar May

18th – Judy Platz

May 19th – Holly Chenail

May 20th – Carol Yee

May 21st – Jillian Scarvelli

May 22nd – Derek Schwarber

Thank you for purchasing a raffle calendar and supporting St. Anthony of Padua School!