Lego/Robotics Club

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St. Anthony is proud to offer LEGO Club and Robotics Club!!!

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In LEGO Club children will come together to imagine, create, build, and have fun! Students will use the latest We Do 2.0 learning platform to build and create. Then, students will use coding software to make the creations really move!! LEGO Club is for children in Kindergarten – Third Grade.

Robotics Club

Students in grades four through eight have the opportunity to join Robotics Club! Robotics is the type of specialized engineering that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. STEM combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education to form an engaging field of study. The VEX IQ platform is a great way for students to explore STEM hands-on while learning. In robotics club, students will work in groups to build, code, operate, and compete with VEX IQ robots.