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St. Anthony of Padua School

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School & Pre-School

Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School! A special greeting to those visiting our school website for the first time! Since 1925, we have maintained a proud tradition of forming our students academically, socially and spiritually. St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School & Pre-School in Lorain, Ohio, is located on the banks overlooking Lake Erie. We currently have over 250 students in Pre-School through 8th grade. The faculty and staff are highly qualified and dedicated to enriching the lives of our students.

St. Anthony of Padua Parish School Crest

As we proudly begin a new chapter of our history at St. Anthony of Padua Parish School, we do so with a new symbol of our dedication to our children, their families, and our faith in Jesus Christ.  The School Crest which will become the visual focal point of our commitment is a visual representation of who we strive to be as educators, and as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The center of our School Crest is the Coat of Arms of St. Anthony of Padua Parish.  This reminds us that our Parish School is an apostolate of the Parish.  This means that the School is a lay driven institution of the Parish, which is dedicated to the education of our children in all elements of our physical world, as well as in their spiritual rootedness in Christ and His Church.  In this way, our educators are called to cultivate the growth of our children so that they can blossom into healthy contributors to our society, and faithful disciples of Jesus dedicated to bringing God’s love, mercy and forgiveness to our world.

Around the outside of our School Crest is a ribbon that bears the values we seek to instill in our children, as they are modeled by our educators every day.  The ribbon bears the words Faith, Community, Academics, and Service.

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