In March, Elyria Catholic Drama Club put on the musical The Sound of Music. St. Anthony’s is proud to say that 13 Alumni were part of this production. Five of our former students had parts in the musical; three were part of the production crew including stage manager and sound director; four were part of the stage crew and one on the makeup and costume crew. What a wide range of talents these students have! Many hours of work and details go into making a musical production and we know that all the students did their best. Congratulations to our St. Anthony Alumni! We are extremely proud of your hard work and glad we could be a part of helping you achieve your goals. Continue to “Break A Leg” in all you do!

Our School just recently celebrated its 90th Anniversary. What an amazing feat!!!! A celebration was held August 28th -30th. Many former alumni and friends came back to reminisce and see their old school. They were amazed at all the changes when they toured the school on Friday night. They talked about their former teachers and classmates with great pride and excitement.

On Saturday, we gathered again for a dinner celebration. We looked at old photos and shared stories with each other. Finally, on Sunday, we had a fun family picnic with our St. Thomas family as well. What an amazing tradition and legacy our School has. Hopefully we will continue for another 90 years.